About this website


This website acts as both an archive and a collaborative platform, referring to other virtual locations by means of infiltration into systems of open and interrelated publishing such as Google Maps and YouTube.

In relation to this mode of presentation, the work sets out to articulate a haptic approach to the (re)discovery of heterogeneous spaces, their construction and habitation. By means of new encounters, that are enacted with the surrounding environment, the potentiality of its functions and the socio-political encryptions residing within become exposed. While remaining in constant flux, the work hence attempts an articulation of a physical encounter which is mediated by widely available contemporary technologies used to record movement though space.

While implementing and somewhat critiquing the literature and methodologies rooted in the Situationist International, as well as its contemporary psychogeographical branches, the work emulates the approach of the adventurous hobbyist as form of cultural resistance. Through the enthusiast’s casually playful approach, immediate urban and suburban spaces thus lend themselves as a haven for the exploration of forgotten islands and underground infrastructures, revealing untapped sources of weekend activities such as geocaching, igloo building and dinghy chartering.

Note: several of this site’s pages contain embedded media such as videos and Google maps which can be interacted with. When placemarks are displayed on maps further information such as videos, notes and photographs are available and accessible by double clicking.

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