Snow Frame

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The heavy snowfall of December 2010 presented the unique opportunity to utilise a material freely and readily available, the difficulty being in how best to explore and express its potential. On St. George’s Field a small structure had been built, composed of snow walls and crudely roofed with branches.

A decision was taken, influenced by the structure, to build another structure and it was felt appropriate to pay homage to the existing construction by building a fort-like wall around it.

The sound insulating, circular structure that was built acted as a framing device, to protect as well as highlight  the original igloo object. The final size of the enclosure was a tribute to collective action and presented an impressive, if ultimately useless, achievement.

St. George’s field, Leeds (UK) - December 2010

Participants: Mike Burrell, Felicia Cleveland-Stevens, Joe Newman, Gaia Rosenberg Colorni,

Stuart Russell Brown, Gwilym Sainsbury

Video footage of construction process:

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