Spontaneity stands at the forefront of all creation; even the most well planned and

calculated process begins with the one spark of impulse and activity.

IGLOOISM features the work of a group of young contemporary artists exploring methods of, quite literally, ‘sculpting out’ as well as exhibiting a fabricated environment from a base line level. Using the produce of the earth, traditionally associated to sculpture making, each artist enacts an immediate physical engagement with the gallery space by inhabiting it whilst working directly within its white walls.

Over its month-long duration, the exhibition is to unfold into two stages. The first, consisting of a two-week period in which the artists commence and progressively assert their territorial occupation, allows for the ever-mutating working environment to be observed by its visitors: the entire process of conception, construction and materialisation is rendered accessible to the audience, whose participation is encouraged. During the exhibition’s second and final stage, the artists withdraw from the fanciful wasteland they have constructed, leaving it open for new explorations.

In constructing a temporary dwelling, the artists address the quasi-collaborative nature of artistic processes by them adopted, appearing as divisional, yet simultaneously operating as an ensemble. The space, as that which both envelops and is contained by the igloo, remains unlimited and borderless, deprived of any immediate distance or contour, only to face ephemeral and territorial separations through the interventions of its itinerant inhabitants.


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Brick yard video project (exhibited at Iglooism)

9th April - 8th May 2011

Hive gallery, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley (UK)

Artists: Ahmed and Carpenter, Andy Nijzinsky, Gaia Rosenberg Colorni

Above: Iglooism exhibition installation shot.
Below (from left to right): Andy Nijinsky,
Untitled (x2), clay; Gaia Rosenberg Colorni, Stalagmites (detail), plaster; Ahmed and Carpenter, Defying Entropy, bricks, plaster, clay, wood, tv; Andy Nijinsky and Gaia Rosenberg Colorni, Brick Yard (video installation using bricks manually transported from the film’s location).

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