Selected Bibliography

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Something a bit different projects

Situationist International archive


April - May 2011 - Hive gallery (Elsecar, UK)
view Iglooism project
view Hive gallery’s past exhibition programmeIglooism.html

One Eye See
July 2011 - Leeds University (Leeds, UK)
view OnCampus project
view MA/MFA Fine Art 2011 Degree show website

June 2011 - PSL viewing room (Leeds, UK)
view Hallleeds project
view Hallleeds blogHallleeds.html

Keep Left
June 2011 - Leeds University (Leeds, UK)

view OnCampus project
view BA Fine Art 2011 Degree show website

November 2010 (Leeds, UK)
view Bitter Orange past exhibition programme

Campione d’Italia border markers

Hallleeds THE ISLAND blog

Official global GPS cache hunt website:

Further Research

Video and the Artist blog

David Harvey, Consciousness and the urban experience

Patrick Keiller, Robinson in space

The Insurgent Hobbyist in the (Re)Making of Public Space
(coming soon)Insurgent_Hobbyist.html
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