“There’s no point trying to

change this place when you can just move somewhere else” (working title)


Various locations - September 2011 to September 2012
Participants: Andy Nijinskij, Gaia Rosenberg Colorni, Stuart Russell-Brown, Gwilym Sainsbury,

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This feature-length documentary explores the trajectories of two ideologically diverging fine art practitioners after their graduation from Leeds University with First Class degrees. As the graduates commence their journeys as young artists in Yorkshire, they are both driven to migrate elsewhere in search of a new sense of belonging.

For a year, EOP follows their emerging aspirations, and by extension their relation to art practice, in the places and communities they encounter along the way. Through the narrative of its protagonists, the documentary addresses not only the issues many graduates face once they have fled the safety of their institutional environment, but also wider questions on social mobility, cultural isolation, and the politics behind the notion of the ‘artist’ as a professional figure.

This project is currently in its postproduction phase and will be accessible online.

[more information to follow]